Cloth Savings Plan

Cloth Savings Plan

Terms & Conditions


  • Enrollment through filling up a simple form.
  • One person can have multiple memberships.

Plan Details

  • Pay in 11 EMIs.
  • 1st month EMI paid by CMR.
  • Get an exciting gift on completion of 6th Month.
  • Option of EMI starting from ` 500 to ` 2000.
  • Purchase clothes after completion of 11 months.
  • EMIs for all the 11 months have to be paid.
  • Tenure of payment cannot be extended.

Payment of EMIs

  • Monthly EMIs to be paid between 1st to 20th of every month.
  • EMIs can be paid in the form of DD/Cheque/Cash.
  • Cheques are to be issued in the favor of Chandana Brothers Shopping Mall Pvt. Ltd.

Membership rules

  • EMIs can be paid and redeemed in any CMR shopping mall outlets.
  • Non payment of EMIs on due date will lead to a member to forfeit their membership.
  • Forfeitment of membership will deprive the member of promised benefits.
  • In the case of withdrawal from the plan, the paid EMIs worth clothing should be redeemed.
  • Withdrawal from the plan will not entitle the member to the free EMI.

Rules of purchase

  • Member is entitled to purchase clothing on completion of all 11 EMIs.
  • Member shall produce his/her ID proof at the time of purchase.
  • Member cannot combinedly avail benefits of any two different offers.
  • The maturity amount shall be made in a single bill/invoice.

Guidelines for filling membership form

  • Every member shall receive a pass book.
  • Details of the member and the availed can be found in the Pass book.
  • Money deposited as EMIs shall be added to the pass book.
  • In the event of loss of pass book or change in the address of the member
    should inform the management immediately.

Passbook – Details

  • CMR issues a passbook to member.
  • Address and phone number will be noticed on pass book.


  • All disputed will be subject to competed under Visakhapatnam city jurisdiction.
  • Management reserves the right to modify rules governing the plan or withdraw it at anytime without any prior notice to the member.

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